Connecting You To A Better Way
EnergyLink is a leading supplier of specialized and balanced solutions for air and noise emissions control, acoustic consulting, mitigation and gas turbine auxiliary systems. Backed by more than 25 years of ingenuity and a strong commitment to customer excellence we have an unwavering focus on developing leading-edge technologies, environmental advancements, superior construction and quality manufacturing through our team of dedicated professionals who ensure our customers are well positioned for both today and the future.

A Team Committed to Your Success
At the core of EnergyLink is a team of highly respected professionals with a variety of different disciplines. Recognized leaders who individually average more than 25 years’ experience and are at the forefront of our ever-changing industries. Our dedicated team is further backed by a diverse portfolio of hands-on domestic and international experience – addressing the most stringent regulations and surpassing complex challenges through value-added solutions.


Catalyst NOx and Co Reduction Systems
Gas turbine exhaust CO and NOx reduction systems use a unique ammonia injection grid for more efficient exhaust gas/ammonia mixing, superior sealing of catalyst to frame liners, fast-start ammonia injection system, high efficiency ammonia vaporization systems and optional critical low frequency or octave band noise abatement.

Exhaust Silencing Systems
EnergyLink gas turbine exhaust systems meet the most stringent of noise regulations, high cyclic loading and severe thermal stresses for all sizes of GT’s.

Intake Silencing Systems
Through our intimate knowledge of GT systems and sophisticated technological advancements, we are proven leaders in balancing low pressure drop with noise mitigation all while maintaining optimal performance levels and filtration of the overall system.

Bypass Systems
GT exhaust stack with a fully actuated diverter damper provides fast switching from combined to simple cycle, controlled ramp-up of the steam cycle, and gas turbine operation during steam turbine trip.

Anti-Icing Systems
GT inlet heating systems using recovered heat from the turbine exhaust, provides even distribution of the heated air over the face of the inlet filter, with extremely low inlet and exhaust pressure drops as well as high turbine performance.

Noise Control Engineering Services
EnergyLink delivers specialized knowledge and experience to investigate and solve noise issues. From noise impact assessments to acoustic modeling and noise controls, we are the premier choice for a truly cost-effective acoustical design to meet both your specific regulatory requirements and bottom line.

Acoustic Buildings
Select from many tried and high-performance acoustic assemblies. Walls and/or roof are acoustically treated along with the acoustic HVAC system and all openings for guaranteed performance. Our acoustic assemblies can be constructed in-field or in-shop with minimal assembly.

Turnkey Buildings
Extensive portfolio of small, mid and large-scale metal buildings continues to set us apart. We design and fabricate essential building systems everywhere our clients are more efficiently: conventional steel structure, pre-engineered steel and hybrid structures of conventional and pre-engineered steel. Full scope building supply encompasses complete exterior and interior finishes.

Acoustic Enclosures
Acoustic enclosures to reduce noise from equipment can be on-skid or off-base, drop-over or panelized, built-in situ or flat-packed for easy shipping.  Packages are shipped with ventilation and ducting with silencers and louvers, acoustic equipment and personnel doors, removable panels, electrical, lighting, and lightning protection.

Acoustic Barriers
Industrial-grade metal noise barriers available as free-standing single wall or two-to-four sided structures are an economical solution to reducing industrial noise.

Custom Silencers
Custom designed silencers for a variety of applications: blow down and emergency venting, engine exhaust and inlet silencers, cooling tower and air-cooled condenser silencers, ventilation silencers, fin-fan cooler silencers and more.

Ventilation Silencing Systems
Custom-designed ventilation systems keep noise inside while efficiently heating or cooling interior equipment within buildings and enclosures.

Retrofit Services
Our retrofit services ensure upgraded designs with improved efficiencies and reliability over original equipment, single-source responsibility, minimize erection time and costs and the most advanced solutions designed to meet increasing noise and air emissions regulations.



Guaranteed Performance
At EnergyLink we proudly stand behind everything we do. Period. That’s’ why we offer an unparallel guarantee on air emissions and noise control solutions. Through our proven designs, extensive experience and advanced analysis, our team of leading experts has a long-standing history of meeting and exceeding the most stringent noise and air emission standards throughout the world.  In the unlikely event the results do not meet specifications; we will ensure compliance at no extra charge.

A Trusted Partner
Being a Partner of Choice is the foundation EnergyLink has been built upon. For today’s leading organizations, we have established a long-standing reputation of being a preferred and trusted partner because we put you first. We know our valued client’s reputation is supported by our reputation. An earned reputation for delivering quality, performance and value. This is a trust that is never taken for granted and is why we continuously go above and beyond to deliver more – providing a dependable and seamless experience that is synonymous with the EnergyLink name.

Adding Value Throughout Every Stage
When we say partner, we mean it. Not only are we committed to delivering the best solutions possible, we look at every aspect of the project to provide optimum value for our customers. Whether it is with greater efficiencies, uncompromised expertise, dependable hands-on experience or through strategic and insightful negotiations so we can pass on much lower costs, the value we deliver is broad and far reaching and will continue to push us to deliver even more.