Maarky Thermal Systems - Maarky Thermal Systems provides Steam Surface Condensers, Bypass Condensers, and Heat Exchangers for Power Plants. Maarky Engineers have designed Hundreds of Steam Surface Condensers and Feedwater Heaters in Power Plant's applications with generating capacity in excess of 100,000MW. Standard design codes include: HEI, ASME, and EPRI.

Nooter/Eriksen - The world's leading independent supplier of Natural Circulation Heat Recovery Steam Generators behind gas turbines, is a single source supplier of custom designed heat recovery systems. Nooter/Eriksen's annual sales volume includes HRSGs for combined cycle power plants whose output exceeds 8000 MW.


Sparkler Filters, Inc. - Horizontal and vertical pressure plate filters. "WD" automated Nutsche filter. Packaged filtration systems. Sparkler "MCRO" models are economical, easy to operate, totally enclosed and leak-proof...can be drained, cake discharged (wet or dry), filled and pre-coated in 30-40 minutes.