As the world’s leading supplier of Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Nooter/​Eriksen has built and installed a full range of heat recovery systems. Included are many of the world’s largest natural circulation HRSGs, several producing in excess of 580 tons/hr of steam. To date, more than 1000+ HRSGs have been supplied for use behind gas turbines with outputs from 2 MW to over 300 MW. Over 430 Nooter/​Eriksen HRSGs incorporate supplementary firing, with burner duties often in excess of 500 MMBTU/hr. Since 1992, Nooter/​Eriksen has supplied over 400 HRSGs with reheat systems for improved plant efficiency behind large, advanced gas turbines.

  • #1 HRSG supplier in the world
  • #1 HRSG supplier in North America
  • Supplied HRSGs to over 50 countries
  • 34 major projects with 4 to 8 HRSGs each
  • Largest single project: 3,750 MW in West County Energy Center, Palm Beach, Florida
  • Over 300 HRSGs behind >200MW Combustion Turbines
  • CE marking and PED compliance
  • European boiler codes – EN12952
  • Canadian Standards (TSSA certification)
  • METI – Japanese boiler codes
  • TRG & GOST design codes
  • Full service Aftermarket support


In addition to large HRSGs, Nooter/Eriksen also designs and supplies Specialty Waste Heat Boilers (WHBs) to recover exhaust energy released from various sources including coke ovens, refinery processes, carbon black tail gas, and others challenging applications.  In many of these, the design of the WHBs is complicated by the composition and ash content of the exhaust gases. Exhaust gas velocities must be carefully selected and sootblowers incorporated into the design to keep the heating surface clean.