Founded in 1927 by A.C. Kracklauer to serve prohibition era business, Sparkler Filters remains as the premier, iconic liquid filtration company in the world.  Sparkler’s humble beginnings started a journey of solving the worlds’ filtration challenges, and the company has continued to grow as a privately held corporation expanding its expertise into all aspects of industrial liquid filtration. Today, just as in 1927, we remain dedicated to serving the custom liquid filtration needs of industry for decades into the future.

Over the years, Sparkler® has established a reputation as a leader in the liquid filtration industry. Quality, engineering, reliability, customer service and product support are the reasons our customers insist on “Sparkler Filters”. Sparkler’s iconic status continues to grow from the countless solutions we have provided our customers through our 92 year history. They afford us an unmatched engineering expertise in the field of industrial liquid filtration to deliver the best possible solution to your unique filtration challenge.

Every Sparkler® customer can rest assured that their filter will be engineered and manufactured with a degree of attention to detail that guarantees that it will work as promised, and last indefinitely. Quality and durability have been the hallmarks of our longevity. The unspoken truth about the filtration industry is that virtually every generic solution has been explored, and none has changed the game.  What makes a real difference is how the well-known solutions are implemented.

Sparkler Filters® patent legacy is exemplary. Although long expired, Mr. Kracklauer’s patents live on in generic filters that have become industry standards. Like Coke, Kleenex, and Google, Sparkler® has become the name of a product. Sparklers® are now marketed, manufactured, and sold by virtually every industrial liquid filtration company in the world. While quality may vary, the design remains essentially the same. What distinguishes Sparklers® made by Sparkler Filters, Inc.® is the attention to details: quality construction, ergonomics, and optimizing the integration of equipment into the larger production process.

While we know that a given model will work for your problem, the key to realizing the benefit resides with getting the details right. For that reason, we devote our attention to doing just that. This attention to your unique project is not allocated primarily to the front or back end of our production process, but brought to your project by our sales representative, in-house sales team, and engineers. Most significantly, a team with first-hand experience solving thousands of filtration problems.